We Started Our Garden

Over the weekend we transplanted all of our seedlings that we’ve been growing the past few months into our garden area outside. Back in early March we gathered our soil, packets of seeds and containers and got to work setting up the start of our future garden. We planted seeds for kale, broccoli, three different kinds of peppers, onions, garlic, cucumbers, zucchini, three different kinds of tomatoes, lavender, basil, and rosemary. It’s been difficult caring for these plants due to the cold weather and our cats attacking them every chance they could get (there have been many instances of loud crashes and soil flying everywhere). Eventually we had to create a separate room for the plants to be in untouched. In anticipation of putting the plants outside we kept track of the predicted last frost date. The date kept getting pushed back so we decided to go for it on one of the few nice days we’ve had in May so far.

Last year we bought a 4×4 raised bed set from Aldi for about $40 and kept that in the ground for this year. The good thing about already having this is the work was cut down by about half this year. Last summer we had many different types of plants (peppers, cucumber, broccoli etc) but they were all overshadowed by our enormous tomato plants which took over the entire garden. This year we planted everything but the tomatoes in the raised bed and put the tomatoes in large pots. We definitely learned a lot from our first year of gardening together and created a well-fortified raised-bed due to the rabbits in our neighborhood going after our food.

This is Bea preparing our tomato plants. We bought dowels from Walmart to prop up the plants.
This is our raised-bed where we planted three kinds of peppers, onions, garlic, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini and kale.
The bigger pots and the plant in the ground are all different kinds of tomatoes. The smaller pots are the herbs: lavender, rosemary and basil.
We used dowels and bird netting to cover the raised-bed and protect the plants from bunnies and other critters.

The plants have now been outside for about three days and have been doing okay despite the cool weather these past few days. It has been raining so we haven’t had to water them since that first day. We will be posting update pictures/posts once there is some more progress in the garden. We hope to someday have a bigger yard and more means to create a large garden. Our eventual goal is to homestead and be able to cultivate most of our own vegetables, herbs, and fruit. This is only the second year that we’ve been gardening so there are still many kinks to figure out.


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