We Got Engaged!

So Bea and I went on our New Mexico trip and it was awesome as you can tell by the title. For a little back story I had been planning our engagement since September of last year. I proposed (pun intended) this trip with getting down on one knee in mind. I had the ring shipped to Bea’s parent’s house and was coordinating with them. The day before we left for New Mexico we had to drop our cats off at their house. Placed under the sink in the bathroom was the engagement ring, which I grabbed while “going to the bathroom” and stuffed it in an oversized sweater. The next day I panicked pretty much the entire time thinking that security at the airport would ruin my surprise and pull the ring out of my carry-on. Thankfully they didn’t. Bea and I and the ring arrived safely in Albuquerque. That first night we did virtually nothing. We were so exhausted that we took an extremely long nap, that turned into just sleeping for the night. We booked an airbnb for the trip which was cost-effective and such a nice little place.

The next day while Bea was in the shower I stuffed the ring inside of a Gameboy fanny pack (yes, I’m aware of how fashionable I am) and went to do some extra planning for how I was going to propose. For months I had the idea in my head that I would do it at this lavender farm…which turns out, they don’t allow the public onto the farm. I found this out 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave. Instead I developed a quick plan B and we headed out to Old Town. We walked around doing some shopping (Bea more-so than I, as I was busy scoping out a place to pop the question). Let me tell you, Old Town is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It is so beautiful and such a romantic place to visit. Below are some pictures (I didn’t get too many because I was nervous).

The ring is my fanny pack at this point.
A section of Old Town

I finally found the perfect spot. We walked down the pathway that’s shown above to this tiny section with a beautiful garden and fountain. We sat down by the fountain and I waited for the last couple stragglers to leave the area. Mind you, this is the day before our 2 year anniversary so I whisper in Bea’s ear that I have an anniversary gift to give her. She asks me what it is so I make a big gesture of standing up and unzipping my fanny pack. I pull out the little box, nervously figuring out which side it opens on, and I get down on one knee. Bea immediately starts crying, I’m in shock and forget that I have words to say so I feel like I’m kneeling there for a solid 5 minutes (it was probably more like 30 seconds) before I said anything. I asked her to marry me and she said yes! We hugged and cried before I put the ring on her finger and then spent 20 minutes just smiling and looking at each other.

Of course we had to take a picture to send to our families ❤
This is where I asked. There are seats right around the fountain in the center.

What a special way to start our vacation. We spent the rest of the day wandering around, had lunch at a fancy restaurant and ended our night with a ghost tour. The next day we went to Albuquerque pride and it was so nice to see the crowds that turned out in support and celebration. In our hometown pride is a bit smaller just because we live in a smaller city and it was interesting getting to experience a different kind of pride.

This was the moment we officially started to burn in the sun.

The following day we drove up to Santa Fe and wandered around the shops and the outdoor bazaar that was happening that weekend. This part of Santa Fe was just as beautiful as Old Town Albuquerque. We stopped for lunch and got burritos and drinks which was one of the best meals that we had on the trip.

Here’s one of the buildings in Santa Fe.

On our final full day in Albuquerque we went to the Zoo and Biopark. Bea and I are nature and animal lovers so this was one of our favorite days. The zoo was a great size and we spent a couple of hours walking around. The Biopark had an aquarium, botanical gardens, and a “bug-arium” so they had a lot to do.

The last day we had some lunch and headed off to the airport to go home. Overall, this trip exceeded my expectations and we had a great time just hanging out in a new city together. Anytime we would mention that we were going to Albuquerque for vacation we would get responses like “why are you going there??” Honestly, we both haven’t spent too much time in states where there’s consistently sunny weather and a desert climate. It was a new experience, also a bit of a culture shock seeing adobe houses for the first time and roadrunners (those things are actually real??), and we got to spend a whole week together. For our first vacation this was the perfect place to go and if you ask me, the perfect place to get engaged. I’ll make another post about how we budgeted the trip and if there’s any interest how I picked out and paid for the engagement ring! Thanks for reading!


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