We’re going on a trip!

So for about 9-10 months Bea and I have been thinking about and planning a trip to New Mexico. It started off as a conversation while on a hike through the woods. Bea has been there before and loved it, while I have never been and am excited to visit. We had talks of doing hiking there, visiting museums, and eating lots of great food. About 5 months ago Bea and I started to get serious about going and chose the date that we would leave. We’ve never been on a trip together and we’ve never had to make a travel plan of our own. It started as a vague concept and has now turned into an awesome itinerary lasting 6 days. This post wouldn’t be complete without our budget.

Bea and I are young 20-somethings with entry-level jobs. I work as an addictions counselor and Bea works in the same field on the administrative side. We don’t have a ton of extra money to work with so we had to be crafty with our plan. If you’re traveling anywhere a good rule of thumb is to consider when to buy plane tickets. I did weeks of research on this. What I can say is that buying and traveling on the weekends (Friday-Sunday) is most expensive. We’re choosing to leave on a Thursday and come back on a Tuesday, which seems to be the cheapest option. Secondly, think about the time of year you’re traveling to decide how much in advance to purchase tickets. I kept an eye on prices to Albuquerque for about 2 months and they really didn’t change. If you’re traveling around holidays or spring break, they will definitely change. It’s recommended to buy about six weeks in advance. Each plane ticket for us ended up being $415. We’re saving money by packing light and sharing a suitcase so we only have to check one bag. We also saved $50 on the ticket for a slightly longer layover; definitely worth the money.

Onto accommodations. We have chosen to stay in a smaller Airbnb which is an excellent choice, especially if you’re not picky about amenities. Our Airbnb is $38 a night compared to a motel which would be 1. Not as nice and 2. About $50 a night. I’m total I think everything costs $250 for accommodations.

As for transportation, we’re using the good old-fashioned bus. Albuquerque has a surprisingly efficient and low cost metro. It’s $6 for a three day pass. We will be using Uber here and there for places that aren’t on the bus line and we’ve budgeted about $80 for that. I also get a discount through my work on rental cars and we are going to rent a car for one day to drive up to Santa Fe which will be $27.

We’ve mapped out all of the “attractions” that we want to go to and have allotted about $150 towards that. Most of these include things like museums and the zoo.

As far as food we have only planned to eat at restaurants one time per day and have allotted about $140. For the rest of the meals we are going grocery shopping and making our own food to eat.

This isn’t a luxury trip by any means but we found a way to go where we want within our means! We’ll be posting pictures from our trip once we’re back!


Impulse Buying

I started getting into the debt-free community a couple months ago. I knew absolutely nothing and like most others I had the mentality that debt is just going to be a part of my life. Inherently I’m an impulse buyer. Anything that is on sale or would serve even the tiniest purpose in my life I would buy. I go into stores and purposely try to find things to buy because my brain gets excitement from that. Growing up I learned to find things on sale and to stock up on items that are cheap even if they might not serve a purpose. Now that I have been doing research about budgeting and paying off debts I’ve noticed myself changing my habits and thoughts. Mind you, this is no easy task. I still have the inclination to overbuy/overspend and I still have the mentality that I should be stocking up on things that I don’t need. I’m working on pushing those thoughts out of my head when I go shopping.

When I first started budgeting I would feel disappointed by the restrictions on our shopping; I would think that if only we could spend more then I would be happier. I’m noticing now that I get that same excitement from saving our money and being mindful about our purchases. Having a reign on our money makes me feel a few things: 1. Less stressed about paying off bills because I know I will have enough money, 2. I feel hopeful because I know we can budget and save for things like vacations, and 3. Less guilt about spending money because I’m aware of where all my money is going to. Something that used to give me the most anxiety was opening up my banking app to see my account balance. I’ve gotten to the point where I check it a few times per week and I get excited on payday to allocate money to my bills/debts.

My debt payoff system and savings system is not perfect and not near where I want it to be yet, but everyday I’m working on it and figuring out how I want it to be. This change doesn’t have to be overnight (like I initially wanted it to be). We live in a consumer society where money and buying things are everything. It takes a lot of time and concentrated effort to train your brain not to think in that way. In my journey, changing my thoughts and behaviors came first. Now I’ll work on my plan and systems. If you have anything that works I’d love to hear your thoughts!