Our Garden isn’t Doing Great

We said we would give an update on the garden so here it is. Our garden isn’t doing great which is kind of a bummer. We had so many seedlings ready to be planted and there was cold weather the week after we planted which has killed off many of our plants. The tomatoes, onions, some peppers, and garlic are still hanging on and doing okay. Bea and I have a plan to plant the leftover seeds into the ground once it gets consistently warmer. We think our biggest mistake was not acclimating them for long enough. Gardening is a learning process and we’re figuring things out as we go. Bea and I have hopes that we can revive what is left and start on some new seeds. I don’t have any updated pictures because quite honestly our garden doesn’t look much different than it did before. For now we will continue to water, pray for sun, and wait out the last few cold days of spring.

Please enjoy these cute pictures of our cats.


Piper, a little over 1 year

Bear, about 9 years